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    • Item No.: HINO SAB026

    • Item No.: Prop shaft004

    • Item No.: Flange004

    • Item No.: Hub wheel010

    • Item No.: PC200-7

    • Item No.: D65-12

    • Item No.: PC200

    • Item No.: UH07-5

    • Item No.: PC800

    • Item No.: D275


        Our company was founded in 1985. It’s a specialized and integrated enterprise that embraces casting, forging, machining and sales into one body.

        We have a strong team with 300 employees, including 50 specialized technicians with medium and senior title. Our plant is 25,000 square meters. Our company engages in the development and production of kinds of automobile components. Our leading products are Prop shaft ass’y;Flange ;Spring seat ; Trunnion shaft ;Semi-axle shaft ;I-Beam ;Wheel hub; Brake drum;Brake shoes;Spring hanger ;Hanger shackle;;Drag link ass’y;Tie rod end ;Clutch parts;Differential ass’y;Gears ;King pin kit ;Bi-metal Bushings;U-bolt;Camshaft etc. more>>

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